My Amazing First Two Weeks With KETO//OS

Every blog I’ve ever shared has had at its source a desire to add value to my readers. In today’s world, there is so much conflicting information on nutrition that the average person can end up confused and overwhelmed.  If you’re not happy with where you are physically and doubt your current nutrition plan, then I encourage you to enjoy the following with an open mind and you might be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve always believed that thin threads bring people into our lives and my connection with Paul Carter fits that belief perfectly.  Paul is a bodybuilder, power lifter, professional coach, and prolific writer for T-Nation, and other industry fitness publications.  T-Nation is my top go to source for training and nutrition info and I’ve been following Paul since his first post in February of 2014.


My Coach – Paul Carter

This past Christmas break while visiting my family in East TX, I took a step beyond Paul’s articles going to his website to look for a way to connect.  He offers long-term coaching services which really didn’t fit my objectives however the hour-long “Skype” video conference was right down my alley.  I immediately reached out via email asking for a time to scheduled a call.

Paul was quick to reply back and the date was set for Thursday December 29th at 2PM.  To say I was excited would be the ultimate understatement.  I was totally jacked up about being able to pick his brain and was well prepared with questions.  One and a half hours later, I had pages of notes and was thrilled with what I had learned.  In wrapping up, Paul asked if I had ever heard of Exogenous Ketones.

Think “cow looking at a new gate” and you will be close to the expression on my face.  My only thoughts about ketones would have something to do with a state of being associated with an ultra-low carb diet.  Otherwise I had no idea what he was talking about.  He explained that after studying the products and technology at length, he started using them personally and with his clients including IFBB professional bodybuilders as well as a host of other clients.

I asked where I could learn more and he promised to send several articles that he personally wrote explaining his introduction to the products as well as their amazing benefits.  Given the quiet nature of the week between Christmas and New Years, I jumped right in and plowed through the material he sent me.  It left my mind spinning with questions and possibilities and so I reached out the next day to schedule further time to discuss.

Saturday morning, New Years Eve, we talked for about an hour about the science of the products, his personal experience, and that of his clients.  I was sold and pulled the trigger on my first order immediately after our call.


KETO//OS; BIO MAX, 3.0, and 2.1

As excited as I was, I would now have to wait several days for my products to arrive.  It was like Christmas all over again and my package couldn’t arrive soon enough.  When John, my UPS man showed up the following Thursday afternoon, I knew Christmas had come. After signing for my delivery, I busted open the box with the realization that I would still have to wait until the next morning to try my first dose.

Paul had already coached me on how to use the products and the BIO MAX would be my new pre-workout drink.  I normally get up at 4AM and have a quick meal replacement drink with my bible study.  My Fusion 7 from Dymatize taste pretty amazing when mixed with my morning coffee and counts as my first small meal of the day.  After two “big” cups I’m off for the gym where I typically arrive by 5:15 or so.  Now before walking into the gym, I will slam down a MAX and wait for the “magic” to happen.



Please note that BIO MAX is not specifically a pre-workout drink by any means.  Fast & sustained energy is just one of the many benefits the product offers so it can be effectively used before a workout.  For the non-athlete, MAX can be taken pretty much any time of the day when you need to perform mentally and physically at your best.  I would caution on using the caffeinated version in the evenings as it could disrupt your sleep.

BIO MAX offers pure therapeutic ketones which allows your body to shift to a state of Ketosis with in an hour versus a period of days by the traditional method of following an ultra-low carbohydrate diet.

So why would you want to get your body into a state of ketosis?  For an excellent explanation, please enjoy the following video by clicking here:


Keytones Explained


My intrigue with the products was driven by a desire to become more metabolically efficient for performance and health reasons.  From years of following a low-fat diet with good amounts of protein and carbohydrates, I had trained my body to rely mostly on carbs for fuel.  While carbs have their place, fats are more far more efficient and especially desirable in a state of rest or while you sleep.  I had trained my body to be a “sugar burner” and was eager to see if MAX and the other products offered by Pruvit could help shift my metabolism to a more healthy state.

So back to my first experience with MAX.  Friday morning was legs and my favorite workout of all.  There couldn’t have been a better way to get started on the product.  As planned I took my Max with 8 oz of water before walking into the gym.  Within a couple of minutes I felt very clear in my head.  There wasn’t any sort of jittery jacked up feeling that you might get from too much caffeine…just cool energy and very clear thinking.


After my normal warm up I started into the primary workout.  My overall sense through the warm up was very positive and I just felt good.  After the first work set, I knew it was going to be a good day.  Weight training is supposed to be a progressive pursuit and yet after 30+ years of training, the increases in strength from one workout to the next come slow. At the end of the day I was able to progress in reps or weight across the board with every set of every exercise.  My mind was blown with the addition of the MAX being the only thing that changed.

My training program consist of 2 days of weights followed by a day of moderate cardio and then repeat.  My next day following legs was cardio.  I had already determined to use my KETO//OS Chocolate Swirl mixed with my regular morning coffee and Fusion 7 combo. Can you say super turbo charged KETO cafe mocha?  While I wanted to get my ketones in early, there was no reason to use the MAX on my off days from weights.

If you look up “morning person” in the dictionary, you will see my picture.  I literally have to force myself to stay in the bed at times and just like the start of a new day.  Now give me something to look forward to…like trying my new Chocolate Swirl KETO//OS and I really have to force myself to stay in the bed.  My coffee maker is actually my alarm and when the little subtle “click” goes off and the light changes from green to blue, its go time!

When my “alarm” sounded Saturday morning, I was up in a flash impatiently waiting for the coffee maker to do its thing.  How many times in life do you get to try something new to eat or drink?  Unless you’re particularly adventurous, it’s not very often.  That’s how I felt and my eager anticipation was not disappointed.  The combo of my protein powder and Chocolate Swirl was most amazing.

While I slammed the MAX the morning before my weight training, I took about 30 minutes to go through the two cups of coffee.  While the effects were somewhat delayed, within minutes of finishing the second cup, the same clear thinking and cool energy started kicking in.  I had a great cardio session at the gym and generally felt amazing the rest of the day.

The next day at church I experienced an unexpected surprise.  I had trained chest and back earlier that morning with the same performance jumps as on legs two days prior. The early morning service starts at 9:15 and the sermon typically by 9:45 or so.  This is where I run into trouble.  Whether in church, or in a business meeting, or driving in my car, I have a morning lull that hits just before 10 and last for about 30 to 45 minutes.  It doesn’t matter if I trained or not or what I had for breakfast, if you get me still, then I’m fighting the “nods”.

Oddly enough I checked my watch at roughly 10AM and realized I wasn’t sleepy or yawning or ultimately fighting nodding off like usual.  Wow!  Could it be the MAX from almost 5 hours before?  My alert state sustained for the rest of the service which put me out of my danger zone.  Mental note…I was eager for church the next week to see if this was just a fluke.

Fast forward through the end of two weeks and the results have been exciting.  The progress with all my workouts has been like nothing I’ve ever seen in such a short period and it was the same routine as before starting on the products.  A change in routine can often times cause a growth spurt but this was not the case.  Also, after the first seven days I could clearly see how my body fat had dropped with my abs becoming noticeably sharper. And…I passed the second day at church test with another “nod free” service.

To get a more accurate account on my bio markers, I had some blood work done on day 8 and will check back in a few months for a comparison.  I am very much a creature of habit with my training and nutrition so it will be interesting to see how things change over time…especially with my metabolic efficiency.

Closing thoughts for my readers:

For more information on how KETO//OS might add value to our life, go here and please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.





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