My Journey Back From the Wilderness

On Sunday evening, November 19, 2017, I received a last-second meeting request from my boss.  He apologized for the late notice asking that I clear my calendar for the next day and to meet him at the DFW Grand Hyatt Hotel at 10AM.  In an instant, I understood that I had just been fired. My... Continue Reading →

No Multi-Tasking Required

I've always believed that thin threads bring people into our lives and in the Summer of 2012, a friend gave me a CD that introduced me to Darren Hardy, who at the time was the Publisher of Success Magazine.  Darren is one of the sharpest guys on the planet and I've been studying and following... Continue Reading →

The Game Few Are Playing

A football game in the NFL technically consists of four fifteen-minute quarters, yet the average game runs over three hours due to the start and stop nature of the action.  Add in commercial breaks and the sometimes meandering nature of an NFL broadcast, and it's easy to see how a sixty-minute game becomes one hundred... Continue Reading →

Is a 29″ Desk Right for You?

The standard height desk in the furniture industry is 29” and has been that way for a long…time.  Post World War II, the government decided to implement some new building standards.  The primary information they used to develop these standards was a military study, male only…no women.  Please consider that your typical soldier is not... Continue Reading →

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