The Treasures from Trials

My pastor's "Daily Word" is an email devotional that he publishes Monday through Friday each week.  The message the day following my MRI reading and the scheduling of my shoulder & bicep surgery couldn't have been more timely.  The theme was on the treasure of trials in our life.  Pastor said trials can fortify us,... Continue Reading →

Ever Jump to a False Conclusion?

Every jump to a false conclusion?  People are often prone to forming opinions before having all the facts.  In our instant gratification society, I think impatience has a lot to do with this often destructive tendency.  Further, most people tend to view the world with their own narrow perspective which can often backfire on them.... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Story?

As a Christian I feel an obligation to share about my faith in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  My purpose in this post is not to address the steps to salvation.  For that topic, I specifically wrote "Do You Have An Insurance Policy For Eternity?" earlier this year.  This is just a simple story... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons From Mom

In honor of my Mom and to all moms worldwide, the following is a tribute. ┬áMy Mom taught me so much as a child; many of these lessons have stayed with me. A few, in particular, have grown to become absolute fundamentals that my life is now based on. A common thread running through these... Continue Reading →

What’s Your True Personal Value?

How do you define your personal value?  Many people base their personal value on outside circumstances, people, or things including family, friends, career, wealth, athletic ability, and looks.  This externally focused view can set you up for a fall because your personal value should come from within. If I were to offer you a crisp, new,... Continue Reading →

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