Is Proper Posture Really That Important?

According to The Back School, "Effective ergonomic design reduces fatigue, discomfort and injuries; and increases job satisfaction, productivity and quality of work."  If a proper fit is established between the end user and their job, the musculoskeletal stresses on them are reduced, they are more comfortable, and they can do things more efficiently and effectively. The... Continue Reading →

Do We Still Need Keyboard Trays?

In the world of office furniture, the topic of keyboard platforms is controversial.  People seem to love them or hate them and for a variety of reasons.  From an ergonomics perspective, they are often the first line of defense in creating an adaptable and flexible workspace set up.  And yet there seems to be a... Continue Reading →

So What’s So Bad About Sitting?

As a Territory Sales Manager for Workrite Ergonomics, I publish a bi-weekly email newsletter that goes out to all my valued clients and furniture dealer partners.  As I do research for my newsletter, the hottest topic by far has to do with the dangers of sitting. Never before has so much attention been focused on... Continue Reading →

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