Life Lessons From Mom

In honor of my Mom and to all moms worldwide, the following is a tribute. ┬áMy Mom taught me so much as a child; many of these lessons have stayed with me. A few, in particular, have grown to become absolute fundamentals that my life is now based on. A common thread running through these... Continue Reading →

Do You Argue for Your Limitations?

Do you see the glass half empty or half full?  Most people will say "half full" with the implication of having a positive outlook on life, and yet the same people will likely constantly argue for their limitations.  What do I mean?  Ever hear someone say "I'm always late" or "I never do this right"... Continue Reading →

Do You Live for Friday?

Ask the average person how they're doing on a Monday and their typical answer will be "Okay for a Monday" or "Not bad considering it's a Monday".  Now ask that same question on Wednesday and you will likely get an answer with the phrase "Hump Day" thrown in somewhere.  Ask this question on a Friday... Continue Reading →

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