What’s Your Story?

As a Christian I feel an obligation to share about my faith in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  My purpose in this post is not to address the steps to salvation.  For that topic, I specifically wrote "Do You Have An Insurance Policy For Eternity?" earlier this year.  This is just a simple story... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons From Mom

In honor of my Mom and to all moms worldwide, the following is a tribute. ┬áMy Mom taught me so much as a child; many of these lessons have stayed with me. A few, in particular, have grown to become absolute fundamentals that my life is now based on. A common thread running through these... Continue Reading →

How I Almost Missed a Blessing

Friday morning December 6, 2013 was just another day to get up, have my bible study with coffee, and head to the gym.  The only exception was the winter storm bearing down on the Dallas and Fort Worth areas that ultimately killed two and left 250,000 plus without power for days. When I arrived at... Continue Reading →

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