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No “Cardio” Required

When the average gym member says they’re going to do “cardio”, they are referring to training on an assortment including treadmills, ellipticals, step mills, and rowing machines. Sadly many people have the mistaken belief that the use of cardio equipment … Continue reading

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Is Your Weight Training Program Balanced?

The legendary Steve Reeves was known for having one of the most symmetrical physiques in his time and for all time.  Balanced program design and attention to detail is a must in addition to the hard work required to build … Continue reading

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Life Lessons From an Injury

As a preface to those readers not actively involved in exercise please stick with me because the lessons I’m going to share can apply to any area of life.  Please don’t write me off if you’re not into working out. … Continue reading

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Are Food Companies Lying to Us?

Well, they may not be lying but unless you’re well-educated on the rules and loop holes the food industry operates by, you can be badly mislead.  When the average consumer reads a label that says Low Fat or Lean or Zero … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

How many of you have ever been on a diet?  How many of you have ever started out like gangbusters and you do great for the first week or so?  Then the cravings start setting in and you don’t know … Continue reading

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