Welcome to My New Blog!

As a Territory Sales Manager for Workrite Ergonomics and Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, my goal is to post at least once a week offering valuable information to hopefully add value to your life.  My topics will include thoughts on Business, Ergonomics, Health & Fitness, and Personal Development

Please do provide me with your feedback.  I want to hear the positive and negative.  If you disagree with me or want to offer a different perspective, please feel free to share.  If you’re uncomfortable with using your name, please use an alias.

I look forward to hearing from you.


About Kelly Perkins Amidon

As a Christian, my Major Definite Purpose is to "Positively Impact the World with My God Given Spiritual Gifts to Encourage and Serve Through the Vehicles of Business & Fitness". As a Master Fitness Professional & Nutrition Coach I have a unique skill set and welcome every opportunity to serve my clients.
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1 Response to Welcome to My New Blog!

  1. Tony Dawson says:

    Great job Kelly and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences….you are a true servant leader!!


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