Is Proper Posture Really That Important?

According to The Back School, "Effective ergonomic design reduces fatigue, discomfort and injuries; and increases job satisfaction, productivity and quality of work."  If a proper fit is established between the end user and their job, the musculoskeletal stresses on them are reduced, they are more comfortable, and they can do things more efficiently and effectively. The... Continue Reading →

Ever Jump to a False Conclusion?

Every jump to a false conclusion?  People are often prone to forming opinions before having all the facts.  In our instant gratification society, I think impatience has a lot to do with this often destructive tendency.  Further, most people tend to view the world with their own narrow perspective which can often backfire on them.... Continue Reading →

Welcome to My New Blog!

As a Territory Sales Manager for Workrite Ergonomics and Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, my goal is to post at least once a week offering valuable information to hopefully add value to your life. ┬áMy topics will include thoughts on Business, Ergonomics, Health & Fitness, and Personal Development Please do provide me with your feedback.... Continue Reading →

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