How I Solved My Sleep Dilemma

My struggle with sleep has been ongoing for some time although it went to a whole different level last year when I went full-time as a fitness professional.  My challenge has never been in going to sleep.  My ex-wife would say I could literally be talking one second and snoring the next.  The problem was... Continue Reading →

My Secret Weapon

One of my first mentors in the “iron game” taught me to keep track of my workouts.  I was eager to progress and took his suggestion to heart and now have journals dating back to my earliest days in the gym. There is power in keeping a journal.  Training is hard work and should be... Continue Reading →

Is Proper Posture Really That Important?

According to The Back School, "Effective ergonomic design reduces fatigue, discomfort and injuries; and increases job satisfaction, productivity and quality of work."  If a proper fit is established between the end user and their job, the musculoskeletal stresses on them are reduced, they are more comfortable, and they can do things more efficiently and effectively. The... Continue Reading →

Is a 29″ Desk Right for You?

The standard height desk in the furniture industry is 29” and has been that way for a long…time.  Post World War II, the government decided to implement some new building standards.  The primary information they used to develop these standards was a military study, male only…no women.  Please consider that your typical soldier is not... Continue Reading →

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