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How I Solved My Sleep Dilemma

My struggle with sleep has been ongoing for some time although it went to a whole different level last year when I went full-time as a fitness professional.  My challenge has never been in going to sleep.  My ex-wife would … Continue reading

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My Secret Weapon

One of my first mentors in the “iron game” taught me to keep track of my workouts.  I was eager to progress and took his suggestion to heart and now have journals dating back to my earliest days in the … Continue reading

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Is Proper Posture Really That Important?

According to The Back School, “Effective ergonomic design reduces fatigue, discomfort and injuries; and increases job satisfaction, productivity and quality of work.”  If a proper fit is established between the end user and their job, the musculoskeletal stresses on them … Continue reading

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Is Your “Sit to Stand Solution” Really Only a “Standing” Solution?

As I write this post on April 24, 2016, a search on Google for the “dangers of sitting” results in 36,200,000 hits.  There is no lack of information on the dangers of sitting in today’s technologically connected world and consumers … Continue reading

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Is a 29″ Desk Right for You?

The standard height desk in the furniture industry is 29” and has been that way for a long…time.  Post World War II, the government decided to implement some new building standards.  The primary information they used to develop these standards … Continue reading

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